• ANISIO

        • A fresh and radiant fragrance, built around Star Anise and Citrus.

        • BOUTON

        • Italian Mandarin, Iris and Musk unveil a bold and sophisticated fragrance.

        • BREMEN

        • Mint, Green Apple, Lemon, Coumarin, Rum notes, Geranium, Cedar, Vanilla and Amber.

        • STAMFORD

        • A rich and deep fragrance, based on a combination of Ambroxan, Patchouli and Cedar.

        • Grab some Carlson USA accessories and apparel, featuring customs graphics & designs.

        • Learn more about who we are, where we came from and a our family history.

        • Find out how we draw inspiration from our past and present, and how it will shape our future.

        • Carlson USA has forged wonderful relationships with community organizations that take part in giving back and aiding those in need.

Genuine Fine Fragrances

Inspired by our environment, our experiences, and above all, our family.

Fragrance Collection

Explore unique fragrances that represent places, and people, from our history.

Learn how our fragrances are made

From start to finish, fragrance creation is all about emotion. A lot goes into it, but everyone’s process is unique.We welcome you to learn how we go about creating these fragrances, and some of the things we do to make sure they are of the best quality. 

A history that defines who we are

Carlson USA was officially established in 2016, by Jonathan Carlson. Our objective is to pay homage to his late father and family traditions. The Carlson family tree is a diverse one, consisting of immigrants from Sweden and Cuba, French aristocracy, English nobility and established Americans. Our history dates back as far as the year 940 A.D.

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